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White Night 2023 on saturday, June 3 : Isabella Hin presents The unknown woman of the Seine. With the prospect of a Seine that will soon be bathed, Isabella Hin deploys a sensory experience at the Sewers Museum where the visitor is confronted with a multitude of images with submerged, liquefied and transformed subjects. Through a selection of photographs and video installations where natural elements and bodies are gradually rendered liquid, Isabella Hin immerses us for one night in a dark and aquatic environment that, like the waters of the Seine, still remains to be tamed.

Isabella Hin is interested in the enigmatic and elusive nature of the fluids she fixes thanks to the photographic and video means. Born in 1993, she graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Paris and Le Fresnoy.

Saturday, june 3 from 7 pm to 1 am. Free entry within the limit of places available.

The Paris sewers museum opens for free for the 39th édition of European Heritage Days.

See you on september 17 and 18, 2022, for open tours in the Parisian underground.

Free admission within the limit of the reception capacity.

Paris Sewers Museum closed its doors in 2018 for a complete renovation. It will reopen in 2021, with a new permanent exhibition, new passageways and activities

The entrance to the museum is now in a new building, where the reception and the ticket office are located. The building’s architecture, based on modern and efficient materials, will therefore transport the Museum of Sewers from the shadows into the open light.  

It invites the public to go for an extraordinary visit to the underground realm of Paris.

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