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Sewers Museum

Exhibition for the 100 years of the Klein Pujol lamp, realized by the sewer service.

This exhibition is proposed in collaboration with the SEHDACS (association of historical studies of ancient underground quarries) to celebrate the creation of the Klein Pujol lamp that was used in the sewers of Paris in the 20th century for nearly 50 years. This acetylene lamp had the function of lightning but it also played a protective role. Indeed, the lamp, having a flame, allowed the detection of explosive gases while protecting the sewer worker from the explosion. This thanks to a fine mesh confining the explosion inside the lamp. Another remarkable point, the lamp was designed at the Villette workshop by an engineer and a foreman of the sewer service.

Conference “Klein-Pujol lamp”, in the presence of the SEHDACS, sunday 10 decembre at 3 pm (registration and final program to come)