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"Let the reader imagine Paris lifted off like a cover, the subterranean network of sewers, from a bird’s-eye view, will outline on the banks a species of large branch grafted on the river."

( Victor Hugo The Intestine of Leviathan )

Upon entering the new reception building of the Paris Museum of Sewers, you are invited to submerge yourself, where an underground city awaits you to visit its permanent exhibition.

Get ready for an extraordinary tour, where you’ll discover the sewers in full activity and the industrial achievements behind their erection.

  1. “From the exterior, a sequential approach sets the Museum with urban clues which are interconnected to the river and the capital. A transparent surfaced building marks the entrance to this under-the-ground museum.
  2. As one is being immersed in the inner galleries while in the elevator, indicating signs allow the visitors to orient themselves about their time and location, as they discover the city below the city.
  3. The public goes through a first section before discovering the industrial complex, where they receive necessary information, to be able to understand the Parisian sewer network.
  4. The visitor then follows in the steps of the sewerman. In the active galleries, the track is divided into two large loops: the first, where the visitor discovers primary cleaning and maintenance works, while the second is where he learns about water regulation concerns and their treatment facilities for the sake of the environment and ecology.
  5. Back in the museum galleries, the visitor can find an exhibition of the major historical phases of Parisian sanitation, highlighting the technical and social issues, as well as descriptions about the evolution, leading up the environmental aspects, which have become inevitable in this modern era.
  6. Meanwhile, the lives of the sewermen and trades who keep the sewers functioning daily is the next highlight. The set design emphasizes the evolution of these professions that ensure the comfort and safety of the inhabitants and helps to protect the natural environment.
  7. Finally, the Aubriot gallery is a study gallery, housing some of the models in the collection. These appear as an illustration of the technical genius and valuable testimony of the cultivation of sewermen. »


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